"The abyss is Time with its sadness,
its weariness. The birds are the opposite
to Time; they are our desire for light, for
stars, for rainbows, and for jubilant songs."


“Therefore, the places in which we have experienced daydreaming reconstitute themselves in a new daydream, and it is because our memories of former dwelling-places are relived as day-dreams that these dwelling-places of the past remain in us for all time.”

Gaston Bachelard, from The Poetics of Space (Orion Press, 1964)

Thank you, memoryslandscape


One Gun, One Rose, Two Moths by Eugenia Loli, 2014. Digital collage.

S.Maharba — Michelle

(Source: cleaningtapes.bandcamp.com)


Jimmy Marble

10425 Venice Boulevard - Los Angeles, May 18, 1997by John Humble

David Lynch — I’m Waiting Here (feat. Lykke Li)